Students at Marigny deserve an educational environment that promotes success and we believe the best way to do that is to teach appropriate social behaviors and to positively reinforce them. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is a model that focuses on praising the students for making good choices and promoting a positive school climate.

Our behavior expectations are the Starrific 5:
1. Be respectful
2. Be there
3. Be safe
4. Be positive
5. Make good choices

The PBS model promotes positive reinforcement and rewards:

-verbal feedback, acknowledge positive behavior
-Starrific Stickers given out
-Individual classroom rewards given out by teachers
Starrific slips when a child is caught following the expecations
-Book of Stars, receive a certificate have thier picture taken for the "Wall of Stars", and receive an office cheer!
-At the end of each 9 weeks, when all of the students who have made appropriate choices and learned positive behavior are treated to a special day.

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